Fishing Report

This Past month as been good with Smallmouth Bass fishing here in Door County. We have had a lot of NE and East wind in recent weeks which has challenged our ability to find the Smallmouth and to catch them. Water temps have ranged from the mid 60’s all the way to the low 50’s depending on the wind that day! Most of the trips that we have run had catch’s upwards of 20 Bass even with tough condition. This past week we got the right weather in had a crazy day with 77 Fish!!!! Most in the 3lb plus range. I’ve been finding a lot of fish are currently spawning in the north. Almost all the Southern Fish are Post-spawn, and some extremely North fish are still pre-spawn. Call 920-535-3474 to book your Smallmouth trip the weather is starting to get consistent and the fishing is going to get amazing in the next few weeks!!

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